Open Budgets in Africa: Tokenistic?

Matt Andrews recently posted an interesting analysis in his blog. Measuring the difference in transparency between budget formulation and budget execution, Matt finds that “Most countries have a gap between the scores they get in transparency of budget preparation and transparency of budget execution. Indeed, 63% of the countries have more transparency in budget formulation than in budget execution.” And he concludes that “countries with higher OBI scores tend to have relatively bigger gaps than the others—so that I am led to believe that countries generally focus on improving transparency in formulation to get better scores (with efforts to make execution getting less attention).” He has also written a second post about it and the IBP folks have replied to him here.


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Directory of Online Budget Simulators / Games

Obviously it is not participatory budgeting, but this rather short list that I have compiled provides an idea of the variety of online initiatives type budget simulators / games. This might be useful to some of those interested in the use of ICTs in Participatory Budgeting experiences.

If you know of other similar initiatives please let me know.

(originally posted in Facebook’s Participatory Budgeting group)

The Budget Allocator: 

Budget Simulator

Croatian state budget calculator

Calgary iPhone Budget App

Stabilize the Debt


The Maryland Budget Game 

Hamburg (Germany)

Federal Budget Challenge

Colorado Backseat Budgeter

California Budget Challenge

Cyber-Budget (France)

Minnesota Budget Balancer

Kansas T-Link Calculator

M assachussets Budget Game

Spending Public Money

Budget Hero:

Montgomery County Budget Game (Washington Post)

Budget Explorer:

The New York City Budget Game

The Guardian Budget Game,4263,675654,00.html

Stateman’s Budget Game

National Budget Simulation

Council for Economic Education Budget Simulation

Cumbria County Council Budget Simulator

City of Austin FY2010 Budget Simulation Exercise