Leveraging e-Government at a Time of Financial and Economic Crisis

For those interested in the use of ICT tools in budget monitoring (a component of the PB process) I would like to draw your attention to the United Nations e-Government Survey document, which has just been released: “Leveraging e-Government at a Time of Financial and Economic Crisis”

In chapter 1 “Stimulus Funds, Transparency and Trust”, of which I am the author, I try to present some cases and analysis of ICT usage in the allocation of crisis response funds around the world during the economic downturn.

Chapter 1: Stimulus funds, transparency and public trust 9

1.1 Crisis response websites 10
1.2 From transparency to participation 14
1.3 Data access and civil society 16
1.4 Conclusions 19

I also make a quick mention to some interesting e-PB initiatives.