Mapping Participatory Budgeting and e-Participatory Budgeting

This is still work in progress. I have been trying to map  participatory budgeting and e-participatory budgeting initiatives across the world.There are many more e-participatory budgeting initiatives to be inserted, as well as offline initiatives. The e-PB initiatives included so far are highlighted in red color.

If anyone here at can think of any cases to be included or would like to collaborate in this effort, please let me know.

Any suggestions on how I could make this map more useful are very welcome.


7 thoughts on “Mapping Participatory Budgeting and e-Participatory Budgeting

  1. Hi Tiago! Wonderful map! I have started to research about this topic just now and find your map extremely useful. One question though: what would be the meaning of the colors int he markers of your map? I read above that read is for the e-PB ones, but what’s the difference between blue and yellow?

    • Hi Christian,

      I’m glad you find it helpful. In fact there’s no difference between the two colors (blue and yellow). Other colleagues added it and forgot to pay attention at the color. So all the red are e-PB ones and the rest traditional “offline” PBs. The map does need some updating though, which I expect to do soon.



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