GSA: Engaging Citizens in Government

The US General Services Administration (GSA) has just released its Intergovernmental Solutions Newsletter.
Entitled “Engaging Citizens in Government”, all  of the articles in the current edition should be of interest to those working on the use of ICTs as a means to enhance citizen participation.
To those particularly interested in e-Participatory Budgeting, I have co-authored a small text (p.23) on the cases of Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and La Plata (Argentina).
As to citizen participation in the Brazilian legislative process, I’ve also co-authored “Participatory Lawmaking in Brazil” (p.22).
Table of contents:
Increasing Citizen Engagement in Government
By the People, For the People
Citizen Engagement
National Dialogues Build Communities
Believable Change: A Reality Check on Online Participation?
Reinventing We the People
Data is Not Democracy
Could Citizens Run the White House Online?
E-Petitions Preserves an Old British Tradition
My better Estonia
Participatory Lawmaking in Brazil
Brazil and Argentina: From Participatory Budgeting to e-Participatory Budgeting
Pew: Well-off and Well-educated Are More Likely to Engage
Public Engagement on Fairfax Countys Budget
Citizen Engagement in Oakland County
Washington Goes to Mr. Smith: The Changing Role of Citizens in Policy Development
Ohio Redistricting Competition
Planning for Citizen Engagement
Potholes and PDAs
New Media Makers Pioneer Novel Forms of News
Putting Your Audience to Work: EPAs Radon Video Contest
A Millennial Model of Civic Engagement
Emerging Themes for Effective Online Citizen Engagement
The Importance of Open Web Standards in the Move to Open and Transparent Government

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